Establishing a Career with Nursing Degrees Online

There is currently a great demand for nurses. Many baby boomers are now retiring. The lifestyle choices that many of them made in their earlier days have left them to age with disease and illness. It’s estimated that in the US today, approximately 1 million new nurses are required to get into the system. That’s great demand, and if you are keen on getting yourself a nursing career, you should consider nursing degrees online.

All degree courses that are taken online are usually taken at the convenience of the student. You choose when to study, and unlike a brick and mortar school, you can always leave time between modules if you have to stop for any reason and can always resume later with minimum hustle. All classes, lectures and exams are taken online, which makes it greatly convenient; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Your nursing degree will not be considered of any less value than if you had gone to a school, but you will most likely be required to register yourself at a hospital so that you can have some hands-on training as well.

Nursing degrees online offer you the same variety that you’d get if you went to a nursing school! You can specialize in cancer nursing, paediatrics, or adult care. And not just these, you can choose whichever discipline in nursing appeals to you.

You need to also know the degree levels as they are offered. You can get a 1 year certificate or diploma, a two year associate degree in nursing, a 4 year Bachelors of Science in Nursing or even a Post Graduate Masters in Nursing.

If you take a 1 year diploma, you will be required to pass the Licensed Practical Nurse exam. If you complete a course that takes 2 years or more, you will be required to take the Registered Nurse exam. Post graduate degree nurses take Advanced Practice Nurse exams.

Selecting a Specialty with Nursing Degrees Online

You will be dealing with sick people, and before you decide on which specialty to take, you need to know what your particular preferences are or what you can handle.

If you love children and spending time with them, paediatrics is a great way to go. If you get along great with old people, you can go into elderly care. Maybe you have experience with mental health – that means that you can cope with mentally ill patients without it taking a toll on you. The whole point is that it’s important to know that nursing is a very involving career. Even when looking at nursing careers online, choose what you think would be best for you considering your temperament and your experience. It’s hard to do it if your heart’s not in it. It’s always best to specialize in something that you feel you can do with great love and care.

You will be spending money and time on this degree too, so it’s important that you make the right choices.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Parts of a Nursing Online Degree

All nursing degrees online require you to take the course in 2 parts: the non-clinical and the clinical. The non-clinical is the part that you will take online, the theory parts of your course. The non-clinical part is the one that you will take by registering at a health facility near you. Most online degree schools will require you to have a qualified nurse supervising you during this period who can give independent reports.

Just like many things that you can get online, nursing degrees will require a level of caution when it comes to choosing a college. Even if you have to pay a bit more, it may be worth it to go to a top online college, one which is recognized and one whose online degrees are well known. You stand a better chance of getting a job, and there is little chance that you will get a degree that’s not recognized.

Nursing degrees online are a way for you to change your career within the flexibility of your current life. If you want to be a nurse but can’t find the time to go to school, they are a perfect option.